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Recap of Special Needs Kids Day 2013


You should have seen the excitement on the kid’s faces when Hecht  Development and The Hecht Team Real Estate sponsored the “Special Needs Kids Day” which was Thursday afternoon.

The parents would come to the registration table so we could give a wristband for the free rides, tokens ($1.00 value each) so they could buy up to $5.00 of cotton candy, popcorn, snow cone, any food we had.  J.K. Cones had a card worth one free soft-serve ice cream cone for each – thanks to Jack Funk!


They rode the rides and all had a big time, and when leaving were treated by a stuffed animal from Cole Rides.  Most were asleep in the car as they pulled out!  The Hecht Team has sponsored this event for several years and both Nicole and Bob Hecht said they wanted to be involved forever; just a great afternoon for everyone!  Thanks also to Linda Hecht.

Wednesday afternoon during Denver Days is reserved for a Special Time for Special Needs Kids and we just love to show you a great time!  We invite your parents to bring you to Denver Days, and bring your brothers and sisters also.  Most of the rides will be open and free, plus food and drinks are on the house.
No crowds, little or no lines, parking is close for you and from what we have heard and seen the past years, this time is very special.  Hearing the parents say “thanks” and explain how their son or daughter cannot go to Denver Days without this time being set aside.  “The crowds are just too large” is what we hear, along with stories of a child riding the ferris wheel for the very first time!  
“My Dad and I love kids and ask to sponsor this event every year” said Nicole Hecht of The Hecht Team, sponsors of the Special Needs Kids Day.  “Seeing the smiles, hearing the laughter and just seeing everyone enjoy themselves is worth the preparation time and the afternoon at the festival” continued Hecht.  Nicole and her Dad work as “The Hecht Team Real Estate” with Coldwell  Banker United, Realtors Denver office.
The Special Needs Kids day is Wednesday from 1 PM to   3 PM and is open to all special needs kids and their immediate families and we would love for you to join us!  
For the information flyer and to RSVP please email Nicole or Bob at  You can call Bob at 704-634-4444 or Nicole at  704-309-7883.  Please RSVP so we can plan!

For questions please email